• Jan 11: Call for Entries Opens
  • Feb 8: Early-bird Deadline
  • Feb 16: Call for Entries Closes
  • May 5: Nominees Announced
  • June 7: CBM Awards Gala


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10 Great Reasons to Enter the Canadian Business Media Awards  


For more than sixty years, the Canadian Business Media Awards (formerly Kenneth R. Wilson Awards) has been recognizing excellence in the content and creation of Canadian business-to-business magazines.


Each year the Awards program bestows the honour and industry recognition of a CBM Award to the publishers, editors, art directors and other professionals working in B2B publishing.  Winners also get a little financial help from us; for most categories, the Canadian Business Media Awards is proud to award $500 in prize money to gold award winners.


What’s more meaningful than having your work recognized and celebrated by your peers? And although that may be reason enough to enter, here are the Top 10 reasons why you should consider entering the CBM Awards this year.



1. New readers. Award-winning magazines attract new readers who are looking for the best source of information available.


Winning a CBM Award helps attract new readers within your industry. The CBM Awards is a prestigious institution and award-winning publications raise the bar in terms of quality and professionalism by becoming the standard to surpass in their field.



2. Set Yourself Apart; become the reference in your industry.


Readers are looking for the best source of information available out there. Winning an award sets yourself a part from the competition and gives you the credibility readers look for; it tells the members of your industry that you are delivering a high quality content that will not disappoint.



3. Bragging Rights. Tell your readers and advertisers that you are delivering the most credible content.


Gaining the recognition of your industry peers is a very powerful tool in helping you show advertisers and readers that your publication delivers the best.



4. Get Noticed. With a CBM Award, writers and magazines alike find new audiences for their work.


Winning a CBM Award provides the validation you need to interest new readers in your work.  Nominees and winners are greatly promoted on our website, social media, through press releases and other media initiatives.



5. Build Your Confidence. Awards and nominations are benchmarks of progress.


Making the decision of working as a freelance writer, photographer or illustrator comes with many sacrifices. Winning a CBM Award will help build your confidence and propel your career to the next level.  Winners also get a little financial help from us; the CBM Awards is proud to award $500 in prize money to gold award winners.



6. Network at the CBM Gala.  


On June 7, the entire B2B publishing community will gather to celebrate. Don’t miss THE B2B event of the year.



7. Promote Your Innovations. Magazines are evolving, and we’re evolving with them. The KRW recognizes achievement in digital content creation and all other B2B enterprising magazine journalism.


The digital world has forever changed the publishing industry; readers now expect to find the same high quality content on your website than they do in your printed issue. That’s why the CBM Awards also recognizes B2B magazine’s online initiatives.



8. Celebrate Your Creators. Editors, publishers and art directors have the opportunity to reward the talent that helps their magazines sell copies and connect with their audience.


Publishing a magazine requires an exceptional team effort. Show your staff that their contribution counts by submitting their work to the CBM Awards. Nothing boost the morale of the troops like winning an award!



9. Even a Nomination is a Celebration.


With over 600 submissions, not everyone can win.  Getting your work out there, and getting it noticed, is a step on the path to success. Ask any previous nominees, and they will tell you: receiving a nomination feels amazing. Being nominated is an incredible achievement; it shows the industry that you one of the best among your peers.  



10. Believe in What You Do. After all, magazines are a deep engagement with your readers.


If you’re passionate about delivering the best content and publishing the best stories, your readers will be able to tell; it will show in the quality of your product. If you believe in what you do, we encourage you to seek the validation of the industry by entering the CBM Awards.